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King and Bartlett Guest Book

Below are stories from past visitors to King and Bartlett.  If you would like to sign our guest book please submit your thoughts below.

Guest Book Submission

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Markham Cronin
Atlanta, GA USA

Great lodge - the cabin was perfect- the food too great. Had a great time- saw a good number of grouse, and sadly did not have the impact on their population that I had hoped for, but that was my own fault - those guys are wiley. Great guides, dogs, company - we will be back. Markham Cronin

Dick Orenstein
Westport, CT USA 

Great trip (last weekend of October). EVERYTHING was wonderful -- cabins, food, guides, dogs, grouse (got "my share"), hosts and on and on. Further, those folks at King and Barlett arranged near perfect weather also! We'll be back to enjoy more of K & B. Dick O

Mark W. Wright
Alexandria, VA USA 

Great website. Hope to be seeing ya'll for a Grouse and Woodcock hunt durring the 2002-2003 season. Hope this season is going well for you.

David Fenderson 
Portland, ME USA

We had a wonderful outdoor experience. Great Fishing, Lodging, and Meals. Looking forward to another great trip.

John Nasser
Gloucester, MA USA 

I would like to express my gratitude to Fred for the time of my life I had while fishing in Golfito with "The Famous" Donnie McGuinness and "The Old Man of the Sea" Capt.Gus Wenz along with "First Class" mate Ean. This crew could raise fish in a swimming pool. They are that good. Thanks again, John Nasser

Sara Holman
Greenville, ME USA

It has been years since Buddy Solari and I were at K&B, but it still looks beautiful as ever!! Love the Web Site, just happened to hit it through Maine Guide. Hope everything is well for everyone. Still talk about our great time with you and Betsy and the whole gang! Happy Holidays! Sara the Terra!

Annie Williamson
Yarmouth, ME USA

Eleven of us had a great family time in late July. First visit for some, fourth for others. Some fished, some watched for moose, some canoed and swam. Fishing was pretty good for late July! Everyone wants to come back.

Steve Bowden
York, ME USA

Myself and the five others in our party had a fabulous time fishing the various waters May 31-June 2. The food and hospitality were both first rate! I've caught many salmon before but this was the first time I caught one on adry fly! I can't wait to return!

Robert Hockmuth
Durham, ME USA

The weekend my wife, son and daughter spent at King and Bartlett was the best family fishing expereinces we have had.The general tranquility of the place, the nice people, the food and the accomodations made it great. The variey of fishing experiences offered makes for an interesting and fun time for everyone.My eleven year old was asking when we could come back before she had even caught her first wild trout- ever-and on a dry fly at that! My 13 year old was able to share with me the experience of sitting in a canoe surrounded by a hatch and plucking May flies from the surface and comparing them to his flies; not to mention the wild activiy that followed! I recommend this place highly and will be back.Thanks to everyone.

John Parliman
Milford, MA USA

What a thoroughly enjoyable experience - very comfortable accomodations; fantastic food; great service and equipment - soup to nuts and that's just the gravey. I learned a lot and enjoyed the best fishing ever in a pristine and very uncrowded environment. Needless to say, my gang has already booked to return. Can't wait!

Strout Family
Cape Elizabeth, ME USA

Family tradition brings us to K&B yearly. My mothers side dates into the late 1800s and this years trip makes her 50th year(1942-2002). We have enjoyed K&B under many managers dating back to Ray & Audrey, Ray Mills, Buz & Rose, Todd, and now Jeff and Cathy. Each and everyone had there own style and beliefs but all believed in "GODS" world. K&B is one small piece of this world. Great fishing, fantastic food, incredible land and wonderful people. How can anyone ask for better. As our family enjoys each year we have seen many changes but only those that make us more comfortable and don't affect the rusticness anf tranquility of this peice of "GODS" world. We would like to thank those with the vision of K&B of the past, present and future for the great times and for many years to come. We also would like to thank Jeff and Cathy for this special year. Without your help and thoughtfulness life in the woods wouldn't have been so wonderful. See ya next June, Frank N. Strout, Ann Lib Strout (Mom & Dad), Frank S. Strout, Andy Strout, Taylor Strout, David Jones, Chandler Jones, and Stuart Jones and more to come!!

David B. Frye

Bill Hull,Hull Forest Products, Pomfret, Ct made his first trip to a fishing camp (K&B) and his second trip to the general area of Eustis, Maine. He was clearly impressed with the location and enjoyed the driving to the more remote areas of the 30,000+ acres of streams, ponds, and lakes. I know I go for the fishing, the wildlife observation,the general comraderie offered by the other guests and the fine accomodations. 2002 was the best year in four years for me catching fish. With the weather cloudy bright at best and foggy with a few downpours to keep the pollen off the slickers,hatches were a way of life this year with fish making fools of themselves on the surface scooping up their breakfast, lunch and dinner. This was Bill's first encounter with a fly rod and he did well despite himself with a battered old muddler that just kept hooking them and hooking them. I'm quite certain the trees, methodology of forest management and wildlife were higher on his list of priorities than mine (fishing). Nonetheless, a meeting later in the week at Myers Pond, Union, CT with staff and employees for an outing saw Bill extoling the experiences of K&B fishing. As always the cooking was top notch and the cookies a continual hit between meals. We plan to return, and next year he will save a few frames for the sights on the way out of camp (advice he spurned this year) the buck with a 30 inch span across the antlers still in the velvet. Dave Frye, Captain, USN (Retired)

Alexander D. Dauria
Sherborn, MA USA

This was our second trip to K&B. Our expectations the second time around were met and exceeded;as good as our first trip. The staff's genuine concern for our experience from the managers to our guide made us feel welcome from the time we passed through the gate untill the time we said goodbye. Both trips were made with my son Alex; 13 on our first trip 14 this time around. It was a great opportunity to spend time away from work, school and organized sports and share qaulity time together on the water taking in all the beauty the land surrounding King and Bartlett had to offer. Our trip was highlighted by the 20 inch Samon we caught on Little King thanks to expert advise from our guide Bob DuPort who knew every inch of every body of water and advanced our fly fishing knowledge and technique significantly. Our last morning featured a running conversation between my son and a lone loon calling back and forth to each other in Bear Cove. These are the memories that are sure to remain in our minds as we make this trip an annual tradition. Thanks to all. Alex Dauria

Jay Durst
Abington, CT USA

Enjoyed the website a lot of information and hope to be calling you soon for reservations for my wife and I.

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