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Meet the Staff

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Buzz and Rose Cox 


     In 2001, I was working at the Bar Harbor Airport as the line manager and Rose was working for a bank as an operations officer. My best friend had just started managing a set of sporting camps in Maine and I was introduced to the owner. The owners were looking for a couple to manage another set of camps they owned on Spencer Lake in Maine. The decision to pursue this venture would be the beginning of a wonderful new lifestyle that Rose and I have loved for 30+ years now. Our journey led us to work at Libby Camps in Northern Maine and eventually to King and Bartlett Camps on the Western Mountains of Maine. King and Bartlett was and still is an amazing place to be. In 1999, King and Bartlett was selected as runner up for the Orvis Fishing Lodge of the Year. 

     In 2001, Rose and I were offered a job managing a guest ranch in Colorado. As hard as it was to leave King and Bartlett, we decided it would be good for our portfolio to experience managing in the mountains of Colorado. Our stay in Colorado lasted 20 plus years and we managed three ranches/resorts, all owned by the same person and were all Orvis endorsed. I was honored to receive the Orvis Guide Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012. 

     In 2019, Rose and I decided it was time to return home and made the move back to Maine. Upon our return, we were asked to return to King and Bartlett. The two of us were thrilled with the opportunity to return to the place we had left so many years before. King and Bartlett holds a very special place in our hearts and we thank Fred and Matt Thurston for letting us be part of its renewal. 

     Our goal is to share the wonderful experience of one of Maine's historical sporting camps with those that will appreciate and honor it. For over 30 years we have had the privilege of providing excellent customer service, for individuals, groups and caring for three, four and five generations of families. With King and Bartlett's exclusivity, incredible resources, and high adventure around nearly every corner, there is excitement and anticipation for every day's activities. Whether it is catching 20+ inch brook trout, shooting grouse and woodcock over dogs, calling in a Maine moose, or shooting a 200+ pound white tail deer, Rose and I welcome you to join in this high adventure. We look forward to seeing you one day soon at King and Bartlett. 


                                                        Buzz and Rose Cox


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